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Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 1

I am a little late posting for week one of the challenge, but I did not get to the refrigerator until Saturday.  I did not take before pictures because I did not think of it.  I really did not have a choice of cleaning the refrigerator,  since I needed room to put all the food I had purchased!  I did not get to the freezer section–decided to save that for another day.

I originally took this picture so I could show everyone my NEED for a second refrigerator.  We are a family of seven going on eight and I do not think they will eat less as they get older.  I shop every two weeks and pick up fresh produce on the off week when it is needed.  We live 35 minutes from SAM’s and Kroger’s and 20 minutes from any other grocery store.  I have one day a week for errands, so technically I could shop once a week but I prefer every two weeks.  The less often I am in the store the less money I spend ;).

So here is the clean refrigerator–there is nothing in there that is not fresh and edible!

See I REALLY need a second frig!

Sorry for the poor quality I had to take the picture with my iphone (which I adore), because someone stole the batteries out of my camera!

I really hate wasting food, so I have each shelf dedicated to certain items and one shelf for overflow.  Hoping not to lose anything.  I actually have a note taped inside the frig, so anyone can put things away correctly.  We still need to train in that area!

Top shelf: Condiments, starters, kefir, cream cheese, and other small items bought for a certain dish.

Second shelf:  Eggs!  Does anyone local need eggs???  We have a shelf dedicated to eggs, but that shelf is full and there are three more 18 count cartons on another shelf!

Third shelf:  Leftovers, cheese, and sandwich material if we have it.  And today a box of  pineapple for smoothies that would not fit anywhere else!

Fourth shelf:  Dairy–okay it is really the shelf for our milk.  I normally have four containers of milk.  Thankfully only two Saturday, or it would not have fit!  Saturday I had to use that space for salad greens and grapes.

Fifth shelf: Overflow.  There is always overflow!  In this picture we had romanine lettuce, more grapes, kiwi, baby carrots and potato salad.

Drawer is for veggies!

The door contains everything that does not fit on the shelves!   And to anyone who wants to know I do not make our ketchup or mayo yet.  This healthy thing is a process!  And morning sickness, which after many weeks seems to have past, took a huge toll on our journey to healthier food.

So there you have it!  This works for me and spring cleaning is off to a good start.

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