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The New Love of My Life (on the culinary front that is)

If you remember last week’s menu, you would know I had hummus in the plan.  I had heard about hummus lots, last co-op the children made hummus (and I tasted it for the first time), I realized how easy it was to make and it was on my never ending to-do list.  With all this what is a girl to do  but  make hummus!

So I soaked my chickpeas and cooked my chickpeas and then did not have time to make hummus.  In the frig they went.  Thursday was the day (at least I think it was Thursday).  I pulled the chickpeas out, assembled all the other ingredients, whirled everything in the blender and tasted.  WOW!  YEAH!  AWESOME!

Then I made pita bread, turnip au gratin, and eggplant something, and homemade hamburger helper–nothing compared!

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“Define Conservatism”

Watch this YouTube video to see a thirteen year old speak to CPAC.  I think he spoke very well.  How encouraging to see a child who has been taught to think.  My hat is off to his parents!

If you read this article, you will read he is a homeschooler!!!


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