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Menu Plan Monday 2/23/09

Check out Menu Plan Monday and see all the neat foods being served.

Here is a quick run down of our menu this week.

Baking: Sandwich bread and rolls, muffins, french bread

Monday~~Blueberry Breakfast Treat

                         BBQ Sandwiches


Tuesday~~Granola and fruit smoothie

                          Grilled Cheese/Veggie Soup

                           Twice Baked Potatoes

Wednesday~~Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins and Fruit Smoothie

                                 Ramen for Children/Leftovers for Adults

                                Cafe’ Wednesday

Thursday~~Fruit Smoothie and Toast

                             Chicken Spaghetti  (Lunch and Dinner)

Friday~~Omelet and Chocolate Shake

                     Leftovers or Sandwich

                     Pizza and Movie Night

Saturday & Sunday will depend on dh.

So what are you cooking this week?

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Menu Plan Monday

Last week the menu was tweaked, but we did have all the dinners listed just in a different order!  Breakfast did not stay on track, but that is okay.  Life happens.

Baking this week: sour dough bread, treats for children’s friends, hot dog buns, focaccia, bread sticks

Soup of the Week: Potato Soup

Snacks: Popcorn, milkshakes, cookies


Breakfast~~Eggs with sausage and cheese/Biscuits

Lunch~~Homemade Mac~n~Cheese

Dinner~~7 Layer Dip served w/bread sticks and chips


Breakfast~~Oatmeal w/ toast

Lunch~~Egg Sandwich/Soup

Dinner~~Beef Barley Stew 


Breakfast~~Oatmeal Crisp w/blueberries




Breakfast~~Grits and toast

Lunch~~Grilled cheese



Breakfast~~Omlets and milkshakes




Breakfast~~Pancakes (Heart shaped with chocolate chips)

Lunch~~Pizza Sandwiches

Dinner~~Children: Hot Dogs (roasted over the fire outside) and Steak Fries

                Adults: Grilled Chicken Breast and Broccoli Salad

               Dessert: Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream from Blue Bell


Breakfast~~Egg casserole

Lunch~~Baked Potato Bar


Check out Menu Plan Monday and see what other ladies are cooking this week.


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Menu Plan Mondays

I do not know why I put off planning my menus.  I have been “attempting” to plan them for about 3 hours!  But then I needed to check a couple of “new to me” blogs.  And I needed to play with the baby.  By the way that baby has a big problem with taking her diaper off and climbing on the table  (not at the same time).  She is finally sleeping at 6p.m (that is what happens when she takes a 30 minute nap on the way home from church) and I have run out of excuses!


Breakfast~~Banana Bread and Pumpkin Bread w/fresh fruit

Lunch~~Eating out

Dinner~~Tacos (Tex-Mex Night)


Breakfast~~Magic Milkshake/grits/toast (toast is for the one child who does not like grits)

Lunch~~ Pizza Sandwiches

Dinner~~Meatball/Gravy &Rice/Veggie (we did not have this last week)


Breakfast~~Omelets and fruit smoothie

Lunch~~ Egg Sandwiches

Dinner~~Leftovers/Cafe’ Wednesday at Awana


Breakfast~~Oatmeal Crisp/Fruit

Lunch~~Soup (not sure what kind–most likely something with tomatoes and veggies)

Dinner~~Roast Chicken Dinner



Lunch~~Grilled Cheese/Fruit

Dinner~~Pizza Night!!!


Breakfast~~Leftover Pizza for kidlets

Lunch~~Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Dinner~~Chicken Soup/Bread


Breakfast~~Muffins/Boiled Eggs


Dinner~~Chicken Pot Pie

I realize the menu is heavy on the chicken, but dh and I are both hungry for chicken!  Chicken is at the end of the week since I will not go shopping until Wednesday.  If the chicken is not on sale then I will either pull out at turkey and roast that or cook a pork roast.  We shall see!

Also, I will be baking bread, a treat of some sort, and the breakfast muffins. 

Check out other menus at Menu-Plan Mondays.

Happy Eating!


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