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Here I am…sneaking back into the blog-o-sphere…

In January I post about our wonderful news then nothing.  I had big plans for blogging this year,  but I do not even have my 2010 goals up yet!  It is MARCH!!!  And some of those goals are not going so well.  I am going to pull a Scarlet and think about that tomorrow.

For today, just to get myself used to this blogging thing again, I will dazzle you with a couple of random thoughts 😉

The morning sickness is almost gone and I am now craving good for me food instead of junk!  We had been working on our diet for sometime before morning sickness took over, then all I could think about was food that I had steered clear of for more than a year.  To the point my children were asking why we were eating foods that where not healthy.  Sad, I know…

Have you seen my new FREE header?  Lovely SIL made it for me.  Actually she made several and let me choose which one I liked, because she is nice like that!  Check out this blog for the cool program she used.

A dear friend sent this link. Have you chosen a word to define your year?  Mine is GROW.  And that was before I knew I was expecting, so I will definitely be growing this year!  More on this soon–I promise.



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