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Note to Self~~What to NEVER say!

[Warning: If you can not handle gross stories or you are eating, this is not for you.  You have been warned….]

I believe every day brings lessons for me to learn.  I thought I would share one of my lessons from yesterday;  in hopes you can avoid the need to learn this lesson.  If by chance you have already learned this lesson, then shame on you for not telling me and just enjoy the laugh!

Do not ever, ever, ever, EVER say, “I am totally caught up on the laundry.  Everything is put away (I had forgotten about the socks) and there is not even one load of clothes anywhere in the house.”

Because if you do say this to your dh (who was very happy the laundry was under control) one of your children will prove you wrong!   Within TWO minutes of uttering these words, a child will rush into your bedroom excitedly saying something that sounds a lot like, “MOM! I just threw up on my bed, just a little.  MOM, I think I am…………………………”  [By the way your hands will be occupied with changing a REALLY horrible diaper]

Said child will then attempt to throw up on you (remember you already have your hands full).  By some miracle you will free one hand in time to direct the child in a direction other than your lap, while pleading VERY loudly for help from your dh.  Said child will then be rushed to the bathroom leaving a trail in his wake. 

When it is all said and done will you then have about 4 loads of laundry, because remember it started in said child’s bed.  Do you know how difficult it is to remove the bed skirt from a King sized bed????  I do. It is HARD.  Thank goodness for a strong hubby.

Lesson:  If by some chance your laundry is caught up and you are very excited do NOT tell anyone.  Pretend it has not happened!


Happly doing laundry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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