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Chick Update

I am sure everyone is on the edge of their chairs waiting for an update on the newest additions.  You are waiting, right???  This will be the highlight of your week, right???  Well, if it means that much to you…
Nerrrrvous the bird

Nerrrrvous the bird


The chick that is not black or yellow.  Her/his name is Nerrrrrrrrvous.  When Kat the Great talks about Nerrrrrrrrrvous she makes her voice shake!

We did not order a chick like this but she/he came anyway!

Okay, dad (or anyone else that may know) what breed of bird is that?

And just in case you are not bored to tears, here are a couple more pics.


Sisters all lined up

Sisters all lined up
Sorry for multiples of the same pictures.  I have not figured out wordpress’ picture gallery and was afraid to delete the extras!


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