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Through the Kitchen Window

I spend a great deal of time in my kitchen.  This is where the food is prepared and consumed.  The kitchen is where we do most art/messy projects.  This is where we seek knowledge, have devotions, visit with friends, blog….  In my beloved kitchen, I have 3 windows through which I can observe my little world.

One day this last week the boys were playing chess on the front deck.  Very soon it turned into something a long way from chess!   Laughter caught my attention.  The Knight was chasing the SuperHero with a stick–striking the ground right behind the SuperHero.  SuperHero would run, drop, roll three or four times, jump up, run, repeat.  Around and around the front yard they went. Making up new moves as they went.  The laughter was delightful!  Then off they ran.  I assume to show their dad and my view returned normal.  The dormant flower beds silently waiting their turn show their beauty.



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