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The New Love of My Life (on the culinary front that is)

If you remember last week’s menu, you would know I had hummus in the plan.  I had heard about hummus lots, last co-op the children made hummus (and I tasted it for the first time), I realized how easy it was to make and it was on my never ending to-do list.  With all this what is a girl to do  but  make hummus!

So I soaked my chickpeas and cooked my chickpeas and then did not have time to make hummus.  In the frig they went.  Thursday was the day (at least I think it was Thursday).  I pulled the chickpeas out, assembled all the other ingredients, whirled everything in the blender and tasted.  WOW!  YEAH!  AWESOME!

Then I made pita bread, turnip au gratin, and eggplant something, and homemade hamburger helper–nothing compared!

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Magic Milkshakes

If you have not tried Hillbilly Housewife’s Magic Milkshake, you have not live!  Okay, they are not that good.  BUT if you are ever craving a milkshake, this will make you very happy! 

I am on a quest to feed my crew as well as possible.  The thought of giving up the magic milkshake was not a happy one.  One day dh comes home from the gym and promptly informs me I need to figure out how to make a “Smoothie King” shake. (This is a “good-for-you” shake that cost two arms, but of course if you spend two hours in the gym every day you will buy them!)

So, I added raw spinach and ground flax seed.  Changed the sugar to honey and the vegatable oil to olive oil.  Sounds gross, but it is wonderful.  Now I go not feel bad about serving milkshakes as part of a meal!



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Pizza Sandwiches

I am sure we could come up with a better name but….

We have a sandwich maker from Walmart.  I think they are under $15 in the small appliance/housewares section.  It makes 2 sandwiches at a time.  The sandwich maker cuts the bread at a diagonal and seals the sections. The very best part is the children can make lunch!!! 

Pizza Sandwiches are simply pizza ingredients inside grilled bread!  For most of the children it is simply pizza sauce and cheese.  The Knight and I like pepperoni.  I like peppers (green/red/yellow). It is a nice variation to grilled cheese.



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Taco Seasoning

I love Frugal Fridays.  I am not always frugal, but I do love the challenge of being frugal.  At this point in life I need to be frugal, so the challenge is on.  Actually I should attempt to live frugally all the time.  I think that would fall under good stewardship.  I am not promising anything–for all those who know me IRL!  So do not even try to hold me to it!

I have made taco seasoning on and off for at least the lat 7 years.  I am not opposed to purchasing a large bottle at Sam’s Club, however I am opposed to purchasing those little packets due to the cost.  No matter the cost I like mine better.  I can adjust the favor to suit my family.  And honestly it takes 5 minutes.

Taco Seasoning

1/2 cup Chili Powder

1/3 cup Cumin

 1 to 2 teaspoons Red Pepper Flakes (adjust this to your family)

1/4 cup Garlic Salt (or you can use minced garlic and salt)

1/4 cup Oregano


1/8  to 1/4 cup Onion Powder or Minced Onion

1/4  cup Paprika

Mix and store airtight container.  Use just like the packets.  3 T to a pound of meat.



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Oatmeal Crisp

 I thought some may enjoy this recipe.  This week I made the crisp with blueberries.  Very good.  Our favorite is applesauce though.  If you are going to use berries, put them in a pot, add enough water to almost cover them, add sweetener of your choice and boil for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Oatmeal Crisp
1/2 cup melted butter
2/3 cup brown sugar (will use honey when I have some!)
3 cups Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
Fruit-peaches, berries, apples, pears
Cinnamon (only w/ fruits you would normally eat w/ cinnamon)
Put melted butter in a bowl, add brown sugar and oats.  Cover bottom of 9X13 pan with fruit, pour the oatmeal mixture on top and bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.  Serve warm.  Can serve with milk on top. (We have not tried this)
~I topped mine with cinnamon and used cinnamon on the friut
~First time I used pumpkin and it was good (if you like pumpkin), but second time I used applesauce and even Princess was asking for seconds.  Very, very yummy.



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