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Making the Decision to be a TOG Family

Join me over at The TOG Blog.


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Change is in the Air

There has not been a lot of blogging this last six months or so for reasons most homeschooling mothers of lots of little people can understand!  But other than busyness I have been reluctant to share all the different changes happening around here.  They are wonderful changes, but I wanted to make sure where I stood before I started sharing ideas, recipes, and thoughts.  Now I have just decided to preface what I say and just say it!

Now for the “changes”.

FOOD–HA!   You thought it was something really mysterious didn’t you!

For the past almost two years or so our family has attempted to change our food and lifestyle.  So now I want to write it.  Now I will not only focus on the cute things the children say and do or the garden or the chickens, but about healthy food, yearly goals (will list those on the sidebar soon), herbs, homeschooling, and what God is doing in my life and that of my family.

This blog began as a way for me to document our life and this year I hope to do a better job.

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