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The New Love of My Life (on the culinary front that is)

If you remember last week’s menu, you would know I had hummus in the plan.  I had heard about hummus lots, last co-op the children made hummus (and I tasted it for the first time), I realized how easy it was to make and it was on my never ending to-do list.  With all this what is a girl to do  but  make hummus!

So I soaked my chickpeas and cooked my chickpeas and then did not have time to make hummus.  In the frig they went.  Thursday was the day (at least I think it was Thursday).  I pulled the chickpeas out, assembled all the other ingredients, whirled everything in the blender and tasted.  WOW!  YEAH!  AWESOME!

Then I made pita bread, turnip au gratin, and eggplant something, and homemade hamburger helper–nothing compared!

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Shopping the Sales

Talk About Tuesday

     In our home we have a grocery budget, so we shop sales.  I’ll post the specifics of the budget later.  Today I wanted to address the question of how my family stocks the pantry and freezer while keeping our budget.  A stocked pantry/freezer takes time~it is not an overnight process. 

Last week my husband had a two hour period of time while he was waiting for the children to finish an activity, during this time he shopped the sales I had listed as good buys.  This was time he needed to fill and the store is next door to where he dropped the children.  I do not stock up on food by making a special trip into town.  For my family that is a waste of time and resources.  Nor do I shop Market Basket every two weeks or even monthly.  I watch the online sales ads. When I see several items I normally use on sale and I have money to spend, then I shop there.  There are times when Market Basket has awesome sales twice in a month. On occasion and it is unforunate, I have to shop Walmart, Market Basket and SAM’S all on the same day.  And what a sad day that is!  Those occasions ususally occur around holidays or when we are giving a party.

Note:  Always watch as the cashier scans your items or check your receipt.  This shopping trip one of the sales did not register, so I will need to call the store since it was not caught at the time of purchase.  It will make a $10 difference.

Price Book:  These are recommended by most money-saving blogs and books.  I have used one in the past and found it helpful.  At this time I do not use one.  I have a price I will pay and wait to purchase an item until I find it at that price.  Then I stock up!  With five children in tow this works better for me.

So the great buys of this week are:

Pork chops ~ $0.99/lb

Beef Roast~ $1.79/1b

Oscar Meyer weiners~ 10/$10.00

Bulk Sausage~ 10/$10.00 (this was not a brand I normally buy but I use it in casseroles and you can not tell the difference) Each package was one pound.

Keebler Graham Ready Crust~ 10/$10.00 (This is the item which registered incorrectly.  I called the manger while composing this and before I could finish my explanation he asked me to come in with my receipt so he could fix the problem and apologized.)

Community Coffee ~ 2/7.50

Cantaloup~ $0.99 each

Sodas~ 3/4.00 ( not great but still on sale–floats are important you know)

Ice cream ~2/$9.00 (this is not a GREAT sale but we were having guest and I did not have time to make a GREAT dessert so ice cream floats were decided on)

marshmallows (to roast w/ guest and just happened to be on sale) ~ $0.89

Now, here is my favorite part of it all.  According to the receipt we saved $52.32 and when they fix the mistake it will be $62.32.  And looking at the receipt I can actually turn that $10.00 into $16.90 by purchasing 10 more packages of Oscar Meyer wieners (you save $1.69 on each package you buy).  By the way we do not eat hot dogs very often, but I need at least one convenience food!

I love the challenge of feeding my family well on a budget.  Saving $62.32 is part of my contribution to the household income.

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Magic Milkshakes

If you have not tried Hillbilly Housewife’s Magic Milkshake, you have not live!  Okay, they are not that good.  BUT if you are ever craving a milkshake, this will make you very happy! 

I am on a quest to feed my crew as well as possible.  The thought of giving up the magic milkshake was not a happy one.  One day dh comes home from the gym and promptly informs me I need to figure out how to make a “Smoothie King” shake. (This is a “good-for-you” shake that cost two arms, but of course if you spend two hours in the gym every day you will buy them!)

So, I added raw spinach and ground flax seed.  Changed the sugar to honey and the vegatable oil to olive oil.  Sounds gross, but it is wonderful.  Now I go not feel bad about serving milkshakes as part of a meal!



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