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Conversation with the Princess

This morning at the kitchen table three children were trying to work on math and I was trying to read the news, blog and other equally important activities when the following conversation took place.


The Mama:  “Stop talking.  You are still making noise. (Princess is giggling) Quiet. Hush.  Mama will send you to another room if you do not hush and let the boys work.”

Princess: Giggling “I just can’t help it.  I have an allergy. It is an allergy making me do this. I just can’t stop.” Still giggling.


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Conversations about the storm

Last night we were hit by a thunder storm.  True to the nature of our electric supply we were without electricity within minutes of the first line of showers.  The children were in bed but not asleep when the storm started.  This morning out of the blue the three year old said the following:

Kat the Greatest:  “Last night the lectricity was gone.  That mean ol’ storm knocked it out.  Mean ol’ storm.”

The Mama:  “Yes, but it is back now.”

Kat the Greatest:  “The ligh’ning and thunder were talking tooooooo loud (claps hands together).  Tooo loud.  It scareded me in my sleeppsss.  Mean ol’ storm”

The Mama:  “Oh, you are so cute.”

Kat the Greatest:  giggling and scrunching shoulders  “I know!”  And off she ran!

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She’s a Keeper!

When you are three, most everything you say is cute.  Some things are so cute your mama just has to tell someone.  This is one of those times.

Kat the Greatest will throw her sweet, chunky, three year old arms around your neck,  and say the following anytime but not everytime you do something for her.  You never know what will set her off.

{very excited dramatic voice} “You are my bestest mama to keeps.” or to her grandpa  “You are my bestest grandpa to keeps.” or her grammy or her daddy or her sisters or brothers.

She’s a keeper!


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I thought it would be neat to record some of the crazy conversations that occur in this house. 

This week in walks the Princess. She grabs her cup from the drink bar and fills it with water during this conversation.

Princess: Mama do we have hard water?

The Mama: No, we have soft water.

Princess: We have city water, so it’s easy water instead of soft water.

The Mama: Okay… [trying to figure out where this conversation is going, but it is over]

She proceeds to put her cup on the drink bar and run back outside.  Who knows where that came from.  When did she ever hear about hard water????


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