Preparing to Travel with Children

I love to travel!

Packing–not so much.  Unpacking not at all!

BUT I will do both of those horrid tasks if it means we can take a trip.   Now before you get the idea that I am a world traveller, I am not!  Most of our trips are day trips (no packing!!!), and trips to see my parents in Arkansas with a few trips within the southeast US.

Travelling with children is a blast!  To spend the uninterrupted time exploring, watching their faces as the see something new and wonderful, is an experience I do not believe I will ever tire.  There have been times when Luke has not been very relaxed at departure time.  Normally that stress is from watching me frantically run around attempting to accomplish all that needs to be done before it is time to leave!  Time sneaks up on me and my list is always growing!

So let’s talk about what it take to make this happen as smoothly as possible.

PLANNING!!!  Flylady has great article on preparing to leave on vacation.  Her tip on pouring something in your toilets and drains is wonderful!  Things are so much more pleasant when you open the door.

So Flylady has your outline and everything looks easy.  Right???  I get stuck on the “make a list of everything that needs to be done before I leave” part, and then it is hard to have time for the packing in a timely fashion part.  Now I make my list of items to complete, then I prioritize it.  There will always be more to do than I can possibly get done.  I have to decide what MUST be accomplished and what can wait until we return.  Funny thing is my list changes.  What started off on my “must be completed or the world will end” may move to the “we will survive if this does not happen” list.  And some of those items on the “really wish this was completed” moves to the “what was I thinking, I will never have time for this so why am I stressing myself” list.

So tip number one is (detailed but realistic) PLANNING.  Clothes, food, and entertainment are the main areas that can cause stress while preparing to travel.

Clothes tips:

1.  Decide how many outfits are necessary and stick to the limit.

2. Pack each child in their own bag.

3. Fold outfits together.  For smaller children ziplocks work well to hold an entire outfit and accessories.

Food and entertainment need their own post ;)!





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