Healthy Eating

I have been avoiding posting about the changes we have made in our diet around here.  Food is such a sensitive issue.  So please do not be offended and do not be to shocked (all you NT and raw foodies) when you see not so great choices/recipes hanging out here!  Changing the way a family eats is a process and I refused to be enslaved to a certain diet.  So…I am going to jump right in and along the way I will tell our story of the journey to healthier food.

Last month was a total flop with healthy eating due to morning sickness. So much so the children asked what the problem was, and they are all 10 and under!  So…March will be the perfect time to retake lost ground!

My food goals for March are:
–Return to making all of our bread and tortillas
–Soaking all grains, beans, nuts,
–Restart the kefir–hoping I have not killed it.
–Make Larabars
–Make more soaked granola
New Goals
–Start Sourdough
–Make mayo and ketchup
–Start Garden
–Visit local organic farm
–More raw food in diet
–Find the perfect granola bar recipe

What are you doing in the kitchen during the month of march??




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7 responses to “Healthy Eating

  1. Brandi

    Sounds like really good goals!! I know you can do it!

    As for my goals….To Survive…LOL! I will start making goals again in April! 🙂


  2. thejoythejourneythejob

    Moving is kinda like morning sickness 🙂 It gives you lots of wiggle room!


  3. Well, Hubby just got me a breadmaker for my birthday today so my goal is to make all of our bread for my family.

  4. thejoythejourneythejob

    Wonderful! You will enjoy it! And one day when your little people want mama’s bread instead of any other your heart will swell!

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  6. Susan

    I just checked out your blog. Very nice. My food change for the last month has been make my own dressings.

  7. thejoythejourneythejob

    I need a couple of new dressing recipes. Thanks for stopping by.


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